Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Making Pasta!

For family home evening we had one of my good friends from
work come over and show us how to make homeade pasta!! She
went on her mission to Italy--so she knows her stuff! She made
marinara sauce and mac and cheese--just the way she learned how in
Italy!! It was a fun and yummy night!!
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Jodi said...

Thanks for inviting us over! Troy is very disturbed that you didnt ask him to teach you!! Ha ha....

Terry said...

Wish that we could have been there. It looks like you all had a lot of fun. I still think that I have the most beautiful children and that includes my sons (inlaws) and grandchildren in the whole world. Love you and miss you. Mom

The Chases said...

I love your celebrity look alikes! Paul Walker is my favorite!! The pasta looks delicious. We have been waiting for you to come over on Sunday and hang out!!

Paul and Nat said...

O.K....I just went back and looked at all of your old blogs, and I seriously started to cry!!!! I can't believe that Mary and Zach are Baptized. They're like 2 years old! And, Alex driving? Are you kidding me? That blows my mind. It's so fun to see you guys even if it is through pictures.