Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My top 10 list for the 2008 Holiday Season--

10. Being off of work for 17 days, and having Darren home for 10 days in a row!
9. Laughing at my kids as they tried to be "secret" elves!
8. Snow, Snow, and more Snow!!!
7. Reaching our family goal to finish the Book of Mormon this year!
6. Our Colorado family filling our house with joy and laughs!
5. Fighting the crowds and the snow with Alex as we shopped on Chirstmas Eve!!
4. Mario Cart---I think I may need help--I am addicted!
3. The Vegas Bowl-despite the loss, we had a great time with great friends!
2. Alex reading " The Last Straw"--it's cute to see a 16 year old boy tear up at a good Christmas story!
1. My mom suprising us with a Christmas visit! Thanks for the memories mom!! We love you!


lisa said...

Ohhh, how fun! I love the top 10 list! :) Happy New Year!

Mindi B said...

What a fun holiday! Looks like all of your kids were really happy and what a great thing to have your mom come and visit!! (Glad to see you like the Mario Kart game. I like it too, but I am terrible at it!!!) We sure did have a great time at the Vegas Bowl!! I wish we could do that kind of stuff more often - great friends, indeed!!

jb said...

Yes we made number 3. Another thing I can mark off my "things to do before I do list!" What a fun and busy holiday season you had!

Terry said...

I'm still smiling thinking about how much fun I had during Christmas. Everyone asks me how my holiday was and all I can say is "It was the best". I love you all so much, thanks for putting up with me.