Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Nagging Mom--Noisy! A Car In The Driveway you can't use--Annoying! A Finished Eagle Project--Priceless!!!

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So the reason for no posts in so long is simple--a camera that has been at the repair shop for way toooooo long!! It is still at the shop, but luckily Alex had his camera for some shots of his Eagle Project! He painted some safety lines for the kindergarten area of the school where I work. He also painted some basketball courts on the playground. He had great support from his friends and our ward members. I think Alex is walking a little taller now that he has that burden lifted!! Now if I can just talk him in to having a court of honor---I think that will be harder than getting him to do his project!!! We are so proud of him and the service he has given!

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