Friday, July 17, 2009

Alex Turns 17!!

What a blessing to have such a wonderful young man in our life!! I can vividly recall the feeling of overwhelming love that encopassed me as the nurse placed my first born in my arms--my little cutie man!! Where has the time gone? I don't know what scares me more, that he will be graduating in one year, or going on a mission in two years. I still have so much to teach him, and so much to learn from him, so much to share and experience with him--something tells me those feelings will always be there no matter how old he gets! I experienced one of my "proudest mom" moments as I witnessed Alex blessing the sacrament, while Connor passed the sacrament--I looked up just in time to see Alex handing the tray to Connor---such sweet blessings the Lord has given me--I used to think being a mom to girls was easier than being a mom to boys--I was just failing to see the big picture--that someday my sons would be taller than me, and be able to reach things I can't reach, and open things I can't open--they would hold doors open for me, and help me with spiders in the house--they would hold the priesthood worthily, and bless others though their service. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for all my children, and I thank Him for trusting me enough to give me the opportunity to raise as son like Alex.
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