Saturday, February 26, 2011


Are they cute or what?
Cassidy had her first "official" date tonight!
Of course, her first date will always be the one
her older brother took her on--
but this was her first date with
someone she is not related to!!
Josh took her to Olive Garden (yummy!)
where she made sure she ordered
something with white sauce-
she is notorious for getting food ALL OVER
her face when she eats!
Then they went bowling where
her date was nice enough to bowl one
game right handed (he's left handed!).
Josh still won!
She was all smiles this morning!
As a mom, I am so grateful for young men who
open doors for their dates,
and for the wonderful moms
who taught them to be
so respectful!

1 comment:

Lora said...

Josh was thinking of taking her to Rib City for Ribs but thought twice about it because he too is notorious for getting food all over his face. Josh was all smiles this morning too. Love it. And yes - They are CUTE :)