Monday, March 7, 2011


For family home evening we went down to BYU
to attend an art exhibit with paintings
and etchings by Carl Bloch.
He is responsible for many
of the paintings of Christ that
the LDS church uses in lessons
and on magazine covers etc.
It was a little to much "culture" for some of
my children, but there was no
arguing that the spirit was there.
My favorite painting was a portrayal
of Jarius' daughter.
In the painting the mother is weeping over
her sweet daughter, who has just
died. Behind her, in the shadows is Christ.
As the mother weeps over her child,
she is oblivious to the miracle that
is about to occur.
It made me wonder how often that
happens in our own lives.
We are so focused on our trial or sorrow,
that often we do not even anticipate
the miracle that is waiting in the wings.

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Lora said...

Sounds like a great "date night" thing to do. With a five year old, I do not think it would be enjoyable for either of us if she went with!!