Friday, June 20, 2008

Alex Turns 16!!!

It does not seem possible--but it is official --Alex is 16! He cannot get his lisence unitl September, because of the new permit laws! Hopefully by then I will not have to be heavily medicated when I am in the car with him!! It is not that he is a bad driver--I just know how many other bad drivers are out there! We are so grateful to have a wonderful son like Alex. He is good example of a great teen-ager! I still get kisses whenever he leaves the house--he is a hard worker--and just fun to be around!! He is almost an Eagle Scout--good thing he cannot get his lisence until September--that gives him 3 more months!! I do not know what is more scary--that he just turned 16, or that in 3 years he will be 19-and getting ready for a mission!! Where does the time go???
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