Saturday, January 22, 2011


So here is the project that kept me in my pj's
until 12:30 on a Saturday afternoon!
Well, truth be told, Pride and Prejudice
kept me in my pj's until 10:30, and then the bookcase
project filled the rest of the time!!
I am so pleased with the "after"picture.
(see before picture on 1-20-2011).
As you can see the bookshelves are a lot less cluttered
and the look is more peaceful and intentional
First thing we did (Darren helped, of course!) was to
remove all the book jackets from the books!
This gives the books a far more clean and
simple appearance!
We put a lot of the paperback books in the
cupboards underneath.
I also like the look of the brown baskets being
divided up (they hold our DVD collection).
This helps with the balance of the overall look!
I did break a design rule, and
put framed pictures back in the bookcase, but I
like what I like--no matter what the rule!
Someday when we are feeling really
ambitious I would love to line the back
of the bookcases with a patterned fabric--
that would be Fabulous!
But for now, I am pleased with our
simple make-over, that did not cost a dime--
just a little time!

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Melanie said...

Way to go! There is something beautiful about organizing in January, isn't there? Almost gives me enough sunshine to hold out for spring. :)