Sunday, January 30, 2011


If you have not heard of the blog
the "nieniedialogues" you are
really missing out! I have been following
Stephanie's blog for about 2 years now.
Checking her posts has become part of my
"get ready routine"!
I check it while I dry my hair.
It gives me perspective and puts a
smile on my face first thing in the morning!
Well, yesterday me and the MR. went on our
date out to eat at Paradise Bakery.
It was a wonderful dinner-
love their Cajun Chicken Caesar salad!
As were walking out of the restaurant,
who should be walking in, but
Stephanie and Christian Nielson!
I almost did not say anything-
but luckily, Darren nudged me out of
my stunnnedness (is that a word?), and
I smiled and said "Hi"!
I introduced myself, and told her
that I felt like I knew her!
She was so kind and gave me a big hug.
We chatted for a minute, and then we went our separate ways!
Of course, I wanted to follow them into the restaurant
and join them for dinner!!
I wished I would have had my camera-
what a picture of the day!
I just count my blessings that Heavenly
Father put me right where I needed to
be to meet her! And the funny
thing is, I alway knew I would meet her!

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The Blomquist Bunch said...

I love nienie, too! What a neat thing to meet her and be able to tell her thank you in person for all her goodness! Woohoo! I saw you bought some coolio bowls like hers (or at least they sure look like her cool bowls) awhile back---I love them!