Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friday Night Lights at Lehi High!

Although Alex only suited up for the Varisty game, you would have thought he had made the winning play from the celebrating he was doing!! It has been a good long while since Lehi Football saw a victory, so their win over Springville 25-16 caused quite a frenzy!!! Darren and I were waiting for them to start tearing the goalposts down!!! Cassidy also performed during half time--it was a fun way to spend a Friday Night!!! (Alex is #88)
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lisa said...

You have super cute and talented kids! We really enjoyed hanging out with you guys, we need to do it again!

Mindi B said...

What a fun time for you guys! I look forward to spending fun friday nights like that when my kids are a little older. It's definitely a payoff!

Devon said...

You guys have been having so much fun! What great pictures! I couldn't believe the ones of the first day of school. Is Alex really a junior? You look like you could still be in college! But the football pictures are so fun. Cassidy really is so cute cheering!

Paul and Natalie McB said...

Look at your "All American" family!!!
Gosh, it seems like a moment ago that Zac and Mary were watching Monsters Inc. 32 times a day. I can't believe how grown up they all are.