Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our CRAZY Life!

I thought I would post what my family schedule has been for the last week--it should bring some comic relief!

6:30--Alex to A.M. football practice
11:00--pick up Alex from A.M. football and drop Cassidy off to Cheer camp.
12:00--drop Alex off at his job at the new elementary school.
1:30--pick up Cassidy from cheer camp
4:30--drop Connor off to football practice and pick up Alex from work.
6:30- pick up Connor from football practice
6:45--Alex to p.m. football practice
9:45 --pick up Alex from p.m. football practice

With school starting on Monday, and me having to go back to work--this was a very interesting week! I did have some friends who helped out when I just could not find a way to be three places at once! It's a crazy life--and I have never been so excited for Sunday!!!

1 comment:

Melanie said...

So when do you eat or breathe? I didn't see that in your schedule! Wow! I thought my life was hectic! I'm feeling very relaxed after reading this!