Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's A Touchdown For Dad's Birthday!

Connor had his first football game of the season--and boy did they start it off right!The final score was 33-0!!! Connor did what he promised, and scored Darren a touchdown for his birthday!!(he also scored a couple of extra points!) He also did some great blocking for the wingback who scored the other four touchdowns!! It was a great game! One of my old friends said she had never seen this side of "Jamie" before!! I tend to get a little crazy when my children do well in their games!! I am trying to contain my excitement a little this year--at least I did not dance around yelling " That's my boy--that's my boy" like I did last year!! Cassidy has her first game tonight, and then Alex plays his first high school footbal game tomarrow---we'll keep you posted!!!!
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gm said...


Mindi B said...

Oh, women, you are crazy busy!! And ya, celebrate all you want when it's your kid!! Do whatever dance presents itself, because it is us that brings these beautiful children into the world and we can gloat all we want when they amaze us! How exciting to have so many fun events to see your children doing what they love. I wish them all the best!
P.S. Happy Birthday, Darren, from Jason and me! We would have gotten you a really SWEET present if we would have known it was your birthday . . . maybe next year, whew!

The Blomquist Bunch said...

Sweet birthday outing! I love stuff like that--happiness happening on birthdays is the BEST! I'm a fairly embarrassing mom for Kyle to have on the sidelines at soccer, but hey---we've been told NOT to hide our light and such . . . GO AHEAD NOW! Your family is awesome--way to be a great taxi lady so they can have these experiences in their young lives.

lisa said...

Wow! Way to go Connor! AND Happy Birthday to Darren!

Terry said...

Go Connor! I always thought you were a scrapper.
Love you