Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good Bye To Some Old Friends!


Today, as the snow blew sideways, and the last of my beautiful leaves were ripped from the trees, I decided it was time to say "good bye" to two dear friends of mine!! Their names are Flip and Flop!! They have been the truest of friends, always protecting my feet from scorching hot pavement. Like all good friends, they are protective without being smothering. You see, they still allow the tops of my feet to obtain the cutest little tan lines!! They have been with me through some great memories--Chicago, Nauvoo, San Diego. They are always just waiting for me to slip my polished toes through their little straps and away we go!! So for the next six months they will sit in my closet. About February I will start looking at them, and long for the carefree days of shoes with no laces. But before you start feeling too sorry for me, let me introduce you to my new friends---fuzzy and warm!
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Darren said...

You are too, too cleaver my dear. I love your posts like always. Your cleaverness is just one of the many reasons I married you.

Love D

Paula said...

Great post! I still wear them in the winter though! :) I miss you!
Seeing you at school always meant Friday was near! :) Hope you're having fun!

Jodi said...

Well at least you dont have to paint your toes anymore:)