Saturday, October 24, 2009

Senior Night at Westlake High!

Friday night was a "big deal" here in Saratoga Springs!! For our last game of the season we played our rival Lehi High, and it was Senior night!! After a tied score of 0-0 at the half Westlake rallied in the second half ending the game 21-3. Alex was recognized at half time, not only as a senior football player, but also for making academic all-region--which means he has some of the best grades of all Varsity athletes in our region!!! As Darren and I walked off the field hand in hand, I said to him "I don't like having a senior--that means I am old!" He agreed with me--then I said " But if I have to have a senior, I am glad I have a senior like Alex!" He also agreed! Old or not, it makes me feel like I have spent my life doing something right, when I look at Alex. Way to go Westlake!!--I will miss sitting in those bleachers under the Friday night lights!!

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Terry said...

Seems like yesterday you were a Senior and I was feeling "old". You can imagine how I feel now that I have a grandson that is a Senior. You have every reason to be proud of Alex. He is a great person and I can't wait to see what he does next. Love you all, Mom