Wednesday, September 11, 2013


     Football. If you know know how to live life then a lot of good memories of past games or great moments come to your mind when you hear this word. It the single best thing that has been put on this earth! There is no negative to football, you got action, you got grade A athletes everywhere, it's just an all around great sport.
     Straight up my College football is the best. Nothing is better than watching two high profile college teams going at it on a saturday night. I can't even put into words how much I love college football. It's hard not to be a fan! The atmosphere of a saturday game is number one.    
     Getting caught up in the statistics and such is a great way to waste time and make your day a lot better. I know my fantasy team keeps me on constant edge. I know if i get home from a long day and come home to football on the TV my day is instantly better. In retrospect football is gods gift to the earth that keeps on giving. BOOM.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


And the stockings were hung by the chimney
with care....
By the way, I made all those stockings!!!
Yes, there is one for Elder Forsyth..could not bear to not
hang one up for all my children!


This post is dedicated to Mandy and Jason Clark--
who told me to not worry about "catching up" my
blog--just start from now!! So here we go--
Last night we had a Christmas party --
these cupcakes are a bit of an inside joke--
but now that I have a picture I will always remember
how hard we laughed about these small cupcakes!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


With all the football we are watching lately-
It was time for some new, sturdy
stadium chairs.
Believe it or not we found some in
my favorite color!


My niece, Lou-bug, likes to tell stories!
Right now her favorite is The 3 Little Pigs!
When she says "chinny chin chin"
my heart melts!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


These days I have been eating
breakfast on our deck,
watching the sun come up over
my favorite mountains!
I thank Heavenly Father for my blessings.
I take a deep breath.
Let the day begin.......


I received a call today--
from a certain Elder Forsyth!!
He was calling from Atlanta on the way
to Tallahassee!
He sounded great--
maybe a little nervous, but certain
he is doing what the Lord would
have him do!!
We talked family happenings--
we talked BYU football--
I told him all the little times I miss him
that catch me off guard!
Like when Connor scored his touchdown and
I reached for my phone to text him--
or when I saw his friends at the
high school football game and
felt such an overwhelming ache to see him--
Like when I pass his lunch box still sitting
by the garage door and get
tears in my eyes!
I have shed so many tears over the past 19 years
worried he would not choose to serve a mission-
Now I am a little surprised by how many tears
I have shed because
he is gone!
He called again from the mission home in Tallahassee.
Said he was sweating like crazy and
the air was so thick it was hard to breathe!
He heads to Foley, Alabama tomorrow.
His companion will be an Elder Banks from Texas!
All of sudden I have an immense love for
the people of a
city I have never heard of before!
Now I can sing Sweet Home Alabama,
and have it mean something!


We attended a big extended family party
to celebrate what would have been Grammy's 100th
birthday! She made it to 93 which is
still pretty amazing!
Grammy was so Christ-like
in the way she approached life and the
way she loved and lifted others!
I can still hear her whispering in my ear how
much she loved my dimples--
wish I could whisper right back how much
I love her!
We miss you, Grammy!
We are all better people for knowing you!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


With two kids in middle school and
two in high school we are up to
our eyeballs in disclosure documents!!
We feel like we are signing our life away!


Connor's second football game was not
quite as exciting as the first!
He did have another sweet touchdown-
a 75 yard touchdown reception!


Happy 41st Birthday Darren!
In Alex's words--
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
You're almost 100
and you look like it too!!


This is the package I sent to
Elder Forsyth today!
Pumpkin cookies--fresh from the oven-
more mints-they can't chew gum--
much requested pictures of Shalee and Lou Bug--
I put some family ones in there too!--
And a BYU poster signed by all his favorite players!!
Oh, and don't forget the new camera!


It's the first day of school for
Cass and Connor!
Seeing the two of them drive off to school together
made me feel just a twinge of jealousy!
I always wanted to go to school with one of my siblings-
I am glad these two have the opportunity and
even more glad they are such good friends!


We got a package from Elder Forsyth today!
It wasn't any kind of gift--more of a help me!!
He broke his camera and of course needs a new
one A.S.A.P!
It was some kind of story about light saber
pictures? Seriously?


The first day of middle school for the twins!!
I promised Zach that someday in the not to
distant future he will be taller than is sister!!


After our first annual back to school feast
we introduced our theme for this school year--
Yeah, yeah it is the BYU football theme as well--
but I just could not resist implementing this theme
into all the area's of our lives.
We all set goals and then watched our balloons
for everyone to see!
It's gonna be a great year!


Connor's first football game of 2011!
Westlake vs Springville
Westlake 27-Springville 8!
Connor Forsyth with an 85 yard touchdown reception!
The Forsyth Family in tears from excitement!
Two way proud grandparents!


Westlake's first football game of 2011!
I caught Cassidy in mid back tuck!!
The cheerleaders ended up being much more
fun to watch than the actual football game!


This tasted even better than it looked!
My favorite thing about it is the cake plate!
You just can't beat a cute cake plate!


School Shopping!
We paid the school fees-
bought the school clothes--
now it's time for school supplies!


Rise up all loyal cougar fans!
Yeah, that #1 Jordan Pendelton!
BYU football is one thing that can take my
mind off my #1 son these days!


My dear friend, Lisa, had
a little mishap on the dirt road we have
to take because of the detour!
Who knew there was a canal there?


Dustin had a little
"slip" up helping with the
dinner dishes.
I guess dishwasher doors have a weight limit!


For once a movie
that is just as good as the book!


Our first letter!
He loves the MTC--
He loves his companion-
He loves being a missionary!
Now that I know that maybe I can
get some sleep tonight!


This little word has become
a swear word in our neighborhood!


Talk about a conflict of emotions!
These were just a few of the the thoughts running
through my head as we dropped Alex off at the MTC.
Did I teach him enough?
I can't let go of him-
I am so proud I just might burst-
Remember what if feels like to have him hug you-
What if he hates his first companion?
Can I just go with him for the first day?
My family is never going to be the same-
Heavenly Father, give me the strength to let go-
Did I teach him how to sew on a button?
Does he know how much I love him?
Does he know how much I love the Lord?
In the end I did let go--physically!
I am still working on emotionally!
God be with you 'till we meet again, Elder Forsyth.


He is officially Elder Forsyth!
Bishop Gibby and President Wilkinson-
two great examples in Alex's life!


The "last supper"!
A family favorite-sispou's, pronounced
show-pows, were on the menu.


Our last Family Home Evening
all together (at least for two years!).
We needed something fun and light-hearted
so "spoons" seemed appropriate!


The deck is all done--Hooray!
Dinner just tastes better out here!


Mary's first time on the zip line--
not a real challenge for her-
she must take after her father!


Cassidy's an old pro at this zip line!!
The real talent is looking cute in that silly
helmet--which she does quite nicely!


Grilled Cheese sandwiches are delicious--
but for some reason
at Girls camp they are like
gourmet food!!


It's not girls camp without
skits--and it's not a skit without Shorty!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


It's off to girls camp for Mary and
Cassidy! ( I will join them tomorrow!)
It is Mary's first year!!
All three Forsyth women at camp--
while the women are away
the boys will play!! (or starve!!)


A wonderful day filled with wonderful
friends and family!
Alex and Zach's talks were perfect--
Mary's piano piece was beautiful
and the food was delicious!
Hopefully the 120 people we fed
were full!


Today was spent getting ready for the big day
tomorrow! Clean the house, cook the food, prepare
the talks, welcome family!! It's a good thing I have
good friends who help ease the burden by making
delicious and beautiful treats like these!


Step three-DONE! Project complete--
It's quite cute, I think!


Step Two---DONE!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I dream it up and Darren builds it!!
Step one: done!




With only one week until Girls Camp and
Alex's farewell I do not go anywhere without my list!


Someone forgot church socks!!
He better not cross his legs!


On our way to exotic Idaho--
for Elder Denison's farewell!


After years of eyeing these at Pottery Barn--
I found them for a fraction of the price at
Downeast! They even had two!!


More Girls Camp stuff!
Thanks to my wonderful mom
the girls are going to have a darling
momento from this years Camp!


Getting ready for Girls Camp--
let the shopping begin!


It has begun!!
Soon we will have a bigger and better deck--
with stairs!


It was a mega deal on Noodle Roni!


Zach went on a week long backpacking trip
with his scout troop!
This is what he left on my dresser!
I still have it on my nightstand(one month later!).
Love, Love, Love that boy!