Monday, May 23, 2011


Family Home Evening consisted of us
all learning how to use a compass--
then we read about the Liahona in the
Book of Mormon.
I love the gospel and
I love the Book of Mormon!


What the hail??
A Sunday afternoon hail storm--
please can the sun just come out and stay awhile??


My contribution to the youth fundraiser!
Barely finished in time to take it up to
the church!
Hope you enjoy it, Lora!!


The rain stopped just long enough
for us to enjoy Mary's outside dance recital!


Yummy, Yummy!
Texas Roadhouse Rolls with cinnamon butter--
Forget the steak--I could just eat the rolls!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Another letter addressed to Elder Forsyth!
This one introduced us to his mission
president and wife--informed us he needs a bike,
and how to get one-spelled out the boundaries of his mission--
(which does include Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi!)
gave him some lessons on southern
etiquette, and pretty much got all
of us even more excited for Alex!


As much as I shy away from
saying this is one of my "favorite" anything--
this really is one of my favorite movies!
Dan in Real Life--
helps me to appreciate my own
very "real" life!


A letter from our favorite missisonary
in Japan
brought laughter and tears to our
family home evening!


Munching down on all those delicious

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Some of my Saturday was spent at
a cupcake exchange--hosted by
the hostess with the mostess--Lora Jensen!!
The company was fabulous and me and my
family are still munching on all the
delightful cupcakes!!


I love this tree in the spring!
Those blossoms smell so good and
this tree is right outside my kitchen window--
so when I open the window I can smell that
heavenly smell!


Spent some time today trying to
make my front porch look more presentable!
It's a start!!


Twenty years ago Darren and I shared our
last "first kiss"! We've spent the past
twenty years smooching away!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Let me introduce you to my new friend--
a fridge that actually makes ice and
has enough room for all the milk my
family drinks!
She is big, but she's a beauty!


A new way to organize my kitchen counter!
A place for everything and everything in it's place!
And it's cute too!


The best part of my mother's day
was being able to spend it with my mother!!
Breakfast in bed, grilled salmon, new perfume, and
a wonderful gift from my future missionary (a book called "How to
survive your child's mission!").
Mother's day 2011 was completely lovely!


Me and my refrigerator have had issues
for the entire seven years we have
been acquainted!
It is time to bid good-bye
before we part as enemies!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Talk about a good mail day! My LDS living magazine, and
my Matthew Mead summer edition magazine
both came the same day! It's like an early
Mother's Day present!


My elliptical and I are becoming reacquainted!
Time to get myself in some better shape!


He's a working man again!
Ryan Beatty is gonna make sure Alex is
in good shape and plenty tan for his mission!
I will not complain about all the dirt I had
to sweep up after he took a shower!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


With only four weeks until school is out
Cassidy is spending a lot of time like this--
in front of the computer trying to
get her grades up!
I think I am more excited about school being out
than my kids--
I'm sick of homework, too!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Maybe spring is on it's way--
today it began to feel like it!


My three sons--
all of them home--
under the same roof--
and in the same room!


This is what we woke up to Saturday
morning as we left BYU!
Spring in Utah---seriously?


This is all of us with Kirby Heybourne.
All of us, except Kristie!
We made it to the front of the line
and looked back and she was no where to be found!
Mindi has connections so she took Kristie back for her
own personal picture!


The only bad thing about Women's conference
is that they do not give you any time
to eat! Because we did not want to
miss any classes we pretty much
went all day without eating!
Cafe Rio at 7:00 at night tasted
better than anything I can remember!
All of us usually eat about half a salad--
not tonight!!


It's women's conference again!!
Jennie made us these cute door decorations
for our dorm!!
(You would think she has been
to girls camp or something!)

4-21-2011--Another out of order post--sorry!

This little cup has been the solution
to me not drinking enough water! I love the
straw and the lid--it is AWeSOMe!
The only downside is how much time
I am spending in the bathroom!


A night in the temple with
our ward was beautiful!
I love being in the celestial room with
so many people I know-
it gives me a glimpse into what
heaven will really be like!