Monday, July 11, 2011


A heavenly picture for
a heavenly day!


A wonderful dinner made by
the world's best mom was
made even better by the view!!
All things testify that there is a God!!


Date night found us at
Pei Wei-
with dear friends-
eating on the outside patio!
That has got to be one of my favorite ways to
spend a Friday Night--
we talked until they kicked us out--
we were not done-
so we went to Coney's
for some custard!
We ate on the patio again--
the only thing that would have made it
better would have been
if I could have heard the waves
of the ocean!


A picture so we do not forget the
infamous mouthguard incident of 2011!
Lets just say it involved two early morning trips to Wal-Mart-
one lost mouthguard, a very frustrated mom, and
a certain football player late to
two days of football camp!


For the next two years a part of my
heart will be serving in the
Tallahassee Florida mission--
so of course I had to buy something
to reflect my pride!


We've been having some amazing
thunder and lightening storms--
I was too lazy to get my tripod out,
but I did manage to catch one lightening strike!


Happy Independence Day!
Zach took over firework duties this year--
it was a another great show at
the Driveway of Fire!


We spent today in awe of all of God's
creations at Arches!
I know I am totally an amateur photographer-
but every once and a while I surprise myself--
I love this picture!
I love the man in this picture, too!


We conquered the Colorado River!
What an awesome trip--
Mary, Darren and Connor rode the
Darren and Dad were captains-
and the rest of us managed to stay in the raft-
despite a waterfight with some pesty scouts!!!


It's a summer road trip!
We are off to Moab--Yea!


Look what I was able to make
with my very own strawberries!
I feel so domestic these days!


This is the kind of amazing stuff
that my super talented hubby makes!
A trip to the airport put me close to his work-
so we got a mid-afternoon lunch date!