Tuesday, September 20, 2011


With all the football we are watching lately-
It was time for some new, sturdy
stadium chairs.
Believe it or not we found some in
my favorite color!


My niece, Lou-bug, likes to tell stories!
Right now her favorite is The 3 Little Pigs!
When she says "chinny chin chin"
my heart melts!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


These days I have been eating
breakfast on our deck,
watching the sun come up over
my favorite mountains!
I thank Heavenly Father for my blessings.
I take a deep breath.
Let the day begin.......


I received a call today--
from a certain Elder Forsyth!!
He was calling from Atlanta on the way
to Tallahassee!
He sounded great--
maybe a little nervous, but certain
he is doing what the Lord would
have him do!!
We talked family happenings--
we talked BYU football--
I told him all the little times I miss him
that catch me off guard!
Like when Connor scored his touchdown and
I reached for my phone to text him--
or when I saw his friends at the
high school football game and
felt such an overwhelming ache to see him--
Like when I pass his lunch box still sitting
by the garage door and get
tears in my eyes!
I have shed so many tears over the past 19 years
worried he would not choose to serve a mission-
Now I am a little surprised by how many tears
I have shed because
he is gone!
He called again from the mission home in Tallahassee.
Said he was sweating like crazy and
the air was so thick it was hard to breathe!
He heads to Foley, Alabama tomorrow.
His companion will be an Elder Banks from Texas!
All of sudden I have an immense love for
the people of a
city I have never heard of before!
Now I can sing Sweet Home Alabama,
and have it mean something!


We attended a big extended family party
to celebrate what would have been Grammy's 100th
birthday! She made it to 93 which is
still pretty amazing!
Grammy was so Christ-like
in the way she approached life and the
way she loved and lifted others!
I can still hear her whispering in my ear how
much she loved my dimples--
wish I could whisper right back how much
I love her!
We miss you, Grammy!
We are all better people for knowing you!