Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In Honor Of Rivalry Week!

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So this is it--the last real exciting week of the college football season, at least for BYU!(no BCS busting bowl for us this year!) I am having mixed emotions this week. I am excited for the game! It should be a good one! BYU and Utah are pretty evenly matched this year. I am hoping for an awesome headline to add to my collage. But after the excitement of cutting out the headline(which I am sure will announce our big win over Utah)and hanging it on my wall--then what? No more fun Saturday afternoons at our neighbors, who have been kind enough to let us invade their home for each game we cannot watch because we don't get the channel! No more cleaning the house while listening to Greg Rubell announce another ten yard gain for Harvey Unga or a 30 yard reception for McKay Jacobson or my favorite three words "Hall to Pitta". (as I write this I am seriously tearing up!) No more waking up on Sunday morning and running out in my bare feet to get the newspaper and see if we were able to guess the newest headline.(sometimes our headlines are better than the newspapers!) No more checking the computer every ten minutes for the latest rankings!!(this is sort of making me sound like a freak!) Life will return to normal. Saturday's will not revolve around what time the Cougars play, and my Sunday mood will not revolve around if the Cougars won! Time will march on and I will just keep watching the newspaper for those much anticipated words of "Cougar Camp in Session!"
P.S. How bad is it that when I test my pre-school classes on their colors, and I hold up blue, they say BYU blue??!!