Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We have had a few changes in our girls appearances in the last few days.
Cass chopped off half of her hair and our Mary recieved new teeth hardware.
I think the transformation is incredible and I am blessed as a father to have two such beautiful daughters that look so much like there Mother.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Side By Side!

January 11th marked me and Darren's 17th anniversary! I surprised him by planning a special weekend get away, and he surprised me by taking Monday off so we could have the day together! As I reflected on the past 17 years--the moves, the births, the deaths, the smiles, the tears, the worries--all of it--I was reminded of some words of advice given to us on our wedding day! The words come from a song--and the song starts--"oh, we ain't got a barrel of money" (nope, I checked and there is definitly not a barrell of money hidden in the basement!) "maybe we're ragged and funny"(yep--I'm ragged, and Darren is funny!) "But we travel along, singin' a song--SIDE BY SIDE!! Don't know what's comin' tomarrow, maybe it's trouble and sorrow" (sometimes it's a broken car, sometimes it's a nurse telling us there are TWO babies, sometimes it's just an ordinary day!) But we'll travel the road, sharin' the load--SIDE BY SIDE!" What a great adventure we have been given--these past 17 years that have become our life together! As we sat side by side in the temple last night I realized I was in my absolute favorite place with my absolute favorite person. So whatever lies ahead we will meet it together--hand in hand--side by side!
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My top 10 list for the 2008 Holiday Season--

10. Being off of work for 17 days, and having Darren home for 10 days in a row!
9. Laughing at my kids as they tried to be "secret" elves!
8. Snow, Snow, and more Snow!!!
7. Reaching our family goal to finish the Book of Mormon this year!
6. Our Colorado family filling our house with joy and laughs!
5. Fighting the crowds and the snow with Alex as we shopped on Chirstmas Eve!!
4. Mario Cart---I think I may need help--I am addicted!
3. The Vegas Bowl-despite the loss, we had a great time with great friends!
2. Alex reading " The Last Straw"--it's cute to see a 16 year old boy tear up at a good Christmas story!
1. My mom suprising us with a Christmas visit! Thanks for the memories mom!! We love you!