Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friday Night Lights at Lehi High!

Although Alex only suited up for the Varisty game, you would have thought he had made the winning play from the celebrating he was doing!! It has been a good long while since Lehi Football saw a victory, so their win over Springville 25-16 caused quite a frenzy!!! Darren and I were waiting for them to start tearing the goalposts down!!! Cassidy also performed during half time--it was a fun way to spend a Friday Night!!! (Alex is #88)
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Alex's First Game!

We are not gonna talk about the score of this game--from the look on Alex's face, you can tell he plays for "the love of the game"!!
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Pump It Up--Pump, Pump It Up--GO LEHI!!

Cassidy had her first game on Wednesday night! The pictures say it all--she's to dang cute for her own good!!
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's A Touchdown For Dad's Birthday!

Connor had his first football game of the season--and boy did they start it off right!The final score was 33-0!!! Connor did what he promised, and scored Darren a touchdown for his birthday!!(he also scored a couple of extra points!) He also did some great blocking for the wingback who scored the other four touchdowns!! It was a great game! One of my old friends said she had never seen this side of "Jamie" before!! I tend to get a little crazy when my children do well in their games!! I am trying to contain my excitement a little this year--at least I did not dance around yelling " That's my boy--that's my boy" like I did last year!! Cassidy has her first game tonight, and then Alex plays his first high school footbal game tomarrow---we'll keep you posted!!!!
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Big Birthday Shout Out To My Wonder Of A Husband!

The first birthday me and Darren ever shared together was his 21st ! It was the week before I was starting at BYU, and I had a lot of getting ready to do. Needless to say, we spent the better part of his 21st birthday going to every mall that I thought might have something I needed!! (I did buy him a pretty nice sweatshirt!) Not my man's idea of a great birthday! Time has taught me that Darren starts sweating if he gets within a 10 mile radius of a mall!! In the seventeen years we have been together we have shared some great birthday's, and some not so great one's!! Someday maybe we will spend one on a white sandy beach somewhere--tonight we are spending it at Connor's first football game of the season! No matter where we spend Darren's birthday, or what we do to celebrate, I just find myself feeling so grateful that this wonderful man was born--and that he is a part of my life! I love you honey-- Happy Birthday --no matter what happens today--you know there will never be a birthday as awful as our first one together!!!
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Take Luck!

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Bishopric Night Out!

We went and saw Brian Reagan at Thanksgiving Point. He was so hilarious. Our only complaint was that he needed an intermission because you are laughing so hard you can barely come up for air! We left with a cheek ache and a stomach ache--but it was worth it. If you have never seen his show find the DVD and watch it--you'll be hooked like us!
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He is the one everyone kept telling us to watch out for! He is a freshman from Florida
and is supposed to be AWESOME!
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Yes--that is Harvy Unga

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Mary Has a New Favorite Shirt!

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That Really Is Max Hall!

Of course the one face we really want to be able to see is the one you can't!
Our neighbor said it must be because Max Hall is so angelic!
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Our CRAZY Life!

I thought I would post what my family schedule has been for the last week--it should bring some comic relief!

6:30--Alex to A.M. football practice
11:00--pick up Alex from A.M. football and drop Cassidy off to Cheer camp.
12:00--drop Alex off at his job at the new elementary school.
1:30--pick up Cassidy from cheer camp
4:30--drop Connor off to football practice and pick up Alex from work.
6:30- pick up Connor from football practice
6:45--Alex to p.m. football practice
9:45 --pick up Alex from p.m. football practice

With school starting on Monday, and me having to go back to work--this was a very interesting week! I did have some friends who helped out when I just could not find a way to be three places at once! It's a crazy life--and I have never been so excited for Sunday!!!