Friday, July 17, 2009

Girls Week Away!!

My sister is living outside of Chicago for the summer, so my mom and I decided to fly out and spend some much needed girls time together!! We spent two days in Chicago, two days in Nauvoo, two days in the car listening to the navigation system telling us where to go, and two days in Michigan City, where Jodi is living. I got to add three states to my list of places I have been, and I got to make life long memories with my mom and sis. We shopped and laughed and cried ( because we were laughing so hard)--we ate and walked and talked. We got matching purses to remember our trip--but I won't be needing any momentoes to remember this trip--I have the memories safely recorded in my journal and the smile on my face whenever I think of mom trying to pronounce the name of a paticular town in Iowa!!! Thanks mom and Jodi--lets do it again soon!!!

The view from our hotel room in Chicago!!!

Me and Noah getting ready for some "Chicago Style' pizza!

Dippin' our toes in Lake Michigan!

Me and Jodi doing some shopping on the "magnificent mile!"

Even Noah had fun at the American Girl Store!

Chicago has palm trees!!!

Me and mom on our river tour of Chicago!

During our travels we found some cool sights!

The view from our room in Nauvoo--pretty sweet!

Me and Mom in the womens garden at the Nauvoo Visitors Center

Sunset over the Mississippi!

Nauvoo Temple
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Jodi, Lou, Mom, Noah and Me at Liberty Jail.

Little Lou's Blessing Day!!

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Alex Turns 17!!

What a blessing to have such a wonderful young man in our life!! I can vividly recall the feeling of overwhelming love that encopassed me as the nurse placed my first born in my arms--my little cutie man!! Where has the time gone? I don't know what scares me more, that he will be graduating in one year, or going on a mission in two years. I still have so much to teach him, and so much to learn from him, so much to share and experience with him--something tells me those feelings will always be there no matter how old he gets! I experienced one of my "proudest mom" moments as I witnessed Alex blessing the sacrament, while Connor passed the sacrament--I looked up just in time to see Alex handing the tray to Connor---such sweet blessings the Lord has given me--I used to think being a mom to girls was easier than being a mom to boys--I was just failing to see the big picture--that someday my sons would be taller than me, and be able to reach things I can't reach, and open things I can't open--they would hold doors open for me, and help me with spiders in the house--they would hold the priesthood worthily, and bless others though their service. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for all my children, and I thank Him for trusting me enough to give me the opportunity to raise as son like Alex.
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Who Knew??? We actually live under the rainbow!!!

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Connor Turns 12!!

His blood runs blue!! (Thank heavens for nice, talented neighbors who know how to decorate cakes!)
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