Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We spent Saturday moving my
parents stuff into my sister's house!
Yeah! They are here!
Even Dustin was recruited to help!
(I just got this picture from my sister-
that is why this picture is out of order!)


I guess somewhere over the rainbow is
my neighborhood!


Happy Easter!
Nice bunny ears, Grandma!
In honor of Alex's mission call,
our Easter menu included cajun grilled shrimp
and Key lime pie!


Darren, Alex, and Alex's buddy Carlos
headed up the Provo Canyon for some spring

Thursday, April 21, 2011


The popcorn is getting ready to pop!
Just in time for Easter weekend!
P.S. Mary took this picture--
I see a photographer in the making!


Both of my girls at
New Beginnings!
I cannot believe I have two
young women now!


Trying out a new recipe!
Chocolate Chip Cake--
since it did not even last one day around
here, I think the verdict is good!
Awesome web site--
Mel's Kitchen Cafe--
tons of great recipe's!

Monday, April 18, 2011


The book I read over spring break!
Loved it!
The whole book is composed of letters
and was an utterly lovely read!


Talk about a modern day miracle!
Against all odds Trey Dougher completed
his eagle board of review tonight-
the night before he turns 18!


This is Alex with his
buddies--just minutes
before he opened his mission call-
and we learned that he will
be spending the next two years serving
the Lord in Tallahassee, Florida!
I do not like to use superlatives--but
I think this might just be
my "proudest parent" moment!
(I am sure there are more of those moments
to come!)

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Where in the world??
The hours are draggin' on as
we wait for Alex to come home from college to
open his mission call!


It's HERE!!
A big envelope adressed to an
Elder Alex Taylor Forsyth!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It's time to bring a little
spring from the outside to
the inside!


It's spring break and I am choosing to
wash everything in the house!
10 loads of laundry left us
with clean clothes, sheets and towels!
I am totally digging my new countertop in
my laundry room--
thank heavens for a handy husband!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I walked out to find my two boys fighting
with water noodles--
I asked them if they thought that was an
appropriate Sunday activity--
Connor said "Yes, mom--
it's the Nephites versus the
What do you say to that kind of logic?


Cross that one off my "bucket-list"!
That is us standing on the only green grass
in Utah--inside LaVell Edwards stadium!
And that man with his arms around my
husband and oldest son is indeed
Bronco Mendenhall!
The spring scrimmage was cold and wet-
and I almost did not go--
imagine if my family had come
home with a picture like
this and I was not in it--
Seeing some BYU football again
was good for the soul--
the only hard thing now is
but waiting seems to be what we are doing
here at the Forsyth household--
waiting for a mission call and now
for BYU football in the fall!


Spring Break in Utah!
I took this picture in black and white--
because some days it feels like
Utah exists in just various shades of gray--
anxious for the greens and blues
to come back to the state I love!


She's done it again!
About 9:30 p.m. Cassidy found
out she had made Varsity Cheerleading!
About 7:00 a.m. I wrote the first of
many checks!
So proud of our girl and all the
hard work and dedication she
puts into her favorite pastime!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


There was a chance Alex's mission call
would come today--it did not!
A friend of mine sent me this delicious
creation because, as a mom, she know
the anxiety I am feeling as I wait to
see where my son is going to spend the
next two years of his life!
This was such a thoughtful gesture
especially since she is on cruise right now!
So now we start the countdown to
next Wednesday!

P.S. those strawberries are covered
with dark chocolate!


I wanted to see this movie soooo bad!
But not bad enough to break my
commitment to not see rated "R" movies.
I was so delighted when they released a
PG13 version!
Good things come to those who wait!


I ordered this cute print from
a vendor on Etsy--
it is for my laundry room!
I figure if I feel like I am
at a beach--maybe I will not
mind being in that room so much!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


A new conference tradition!
We broke from the cinnamon roll
breakfast tradition,
and went with crepes this morning!
It was a delicious start to
a spiritual feast today!


Priesthood for all my boys!!
For the first time all my boys went to
the priesthood session of conference.
My cup runneth over when I
think of the blessing of having so
much priesthood in my home!


We celebrated April Fools Day by
going bowling with some of our wonderful
friends! I was wearing my good friends
that I was re-united with yesterday--
Flip and Flop--
which meant I had no socks to wear with
my fancy bowling shoes!
But the bowling alley was prepared
for just such an incident!
Look what they had in the vending machine!
Some socks just for me--
The real joke of the night was my bowling score--
a 144--
which for me is almost perfect!