Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fun at the Ward Christmas Party!!

Don't ask me how this happened--but all of a sudden I was
arm wrestling at the ward Christmas party! We were the hightlight of the
party! Maybe a re-match next year--what do ya say Mindi??
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Some of our favorite memories!

This is all of us!

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About Us!

We are just about as busy as a family with five children can get!! Between cheerleading, football, hunting, and piano we spend plenty of time watching our children have a good time!! Darren and I did get to have our own good time last January when we spent eight days in Hawaii celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary! ( I didn't just say 15 did I? It really cannot be 15!) We are living in Saratoga Springs, where we have been for three and a half years. We love the area, our neighbors, our home--everything--we plan on being here for quite a while.Darren is working in Salt Lake for a company called 3-Form. He has been there for about a year and a half. He likes the job--the commute he could do without! When he is not working he keeps himself busy serving in our ward's bishopric and being a supportive dad and husband! I (Jamie) am working at the Elementary School where our three younger children attend. I work two days a week in the front office. One thing about working at a school--you never get bored because there are never two days the same!! Alex is a sophomore at Lehi High. His first official report card showed our boy on the honor roll! We are proud of him and his hard work. Alex has one passion and that is hunting!! We are hoping to get Grandpa Clark down here to help us out with this obsession!! Cassidy is in 7th grade at Willowcreek Middle--her first middle school report card showed our girl on the high honor roll with a 3.95!! Way to go! What is amazing is that she was able to stay on top of her homework despite her life being ruled by this sport called CHEERLEADING!! This has been her first week in six months with no practice, and already she is wondering what to do with herself!! Connor is in fifth grade at Harvest Elementary. If you ever need to know any kind of NFL stats--Connor is your man!! The boy lives and breathes and eats football!! He showed his stuff this past season, scoring two touchdowns for his team! Mary is in third grade. Mary loves the piano--she doesn't love to practice, but she loves the piano! Mary spends her time playing and singing and keeping her twin brother in line!! Zach is also in third grade. Zach had a great time playing flag football. If there would have been a team spirit award Zach would have won it!! He loves to see his friends succeed! We are so grateful to have a peacemaker like Zach in our home!! (Now, if he could just rub off on Mary!!) All in all life is good. We do have our challenges and our continually praying for the ability to make it through them. We are blessed with a good family and great friends--we hope our loved ones can feel the prayers we offer on their behalf--We love you all--Darren, Jamie and Kids!!
Mary begged and begged to have the honor of placing the star on top of the tree! As usual, she got her way! Posted by Picasa

Zachary spending some one-on-one cousin time!!
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Jamie's favorite holiday past-time--snuggling Noah!Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Noah Is Finally Here!!

Noah Troy Goeckeritz-born on November 12, 2007
7.9 pounds--20 1/2 inches long--and absolutely adorable!(Noah is Jamie's sister's (Jodi) first baby!)
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Noah meeting Aunt Jamie--who will, without a doubt, be Noah's favorite aunt!!
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Friday, November 9, 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kenny Chesney Concert!!

We didn't get to meet Kenny--but we had a great time!!
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Me and Hope ---There's nothing like a Kenny Chesney concert to make you feel 18 again!!
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Trek to Timp Cave

The whole family starting the 1.5 mile trek up to Timpanogos Cave.
We had so much fun--and only ended up carrying one tired seven year
old down the mountain!
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Darren and Jamie at Tim and Faith Concert!

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