Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In Honor Of Rivalry Week!

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So this is it--the last real exciting week of the college football season, at least for BYU!(no BCS busting bowl for us this year!) I am having mixed emotions this week. I am excited for the game! It should be a good one! BYU and Utah are pretty evenly matched this year. I am hoping for an awesome headline to add to my collage. But after the excitement of cutting out the headline(which I am sure will announce our big win over Utah)and hanging it on my wall--then what? No more fun Saturday afternoons at our neighbors, who have been kind enough to let us invade their home for each game we cannot watch because we don't get the channel! No more cleaning the house while listening to Greg Rubell announce another ten yard gain for Harvey Unga or a 30 yard reception for McKay Jacobson or my favorite three words "Hall to Pitta". (as I write this I am seriously tearing up!) No more waking up on Sunday morning and running out in my bare feet to get the newspaper and see if we were able to guess the newest headline.(sometimes our headlines are better than the newspapers!) No more checking the computer every ten minutes for the latest rankings!!(this is sort of making me sound like a freak!) Life will return to normal. Saturday's will not revolve around what time the Cougars play, and my Sunday mood will not revolve around if the Cougars won! Time will march on and I will just keep watching the newspaper for those much anticipated words of "Cougar Camp in Session!"
P.S. How bad is it that when I test my pre-school classes on their colors, and I hold up blue, they say BYU blue??!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good Bye To Some Old Friends!


Today, as the snow blew sideways, and the last of my beautiful leaves were ripped from the trees, I decided it was time to say "good bye" to two dear friends of mine!! Their names are Flip and Flop!! They have been the truest of friends, always protecting my feet from scorching hot pavement. Like all good friends, they are protective without being smothering. You see, they still allow the tops of my feet to obtain the cutest little tan lines!! They have been with me through some great memories--Chicago, Nauvoo, San Diego. They are always just waiting for me to slip my polished toes through their little straps and away we go!! So for the next six months they will sit in my closet. About February I will start looking at them, and long for the carefree days of shoes with no laces. But before you start feeling too sorry for me, let me introduce you to my new friends---fuzzy and warm!
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Senior Night at Westlake High!

Friday night was a "big deal" here in Saratoga Springs!! For our last game of the season we played our rival Lehi High, and it was Senior night!! After a tied score of 0-0 at the half Westlake rallied in the second half ending the game 21-3. Alex was recognized at half time, not only as a senior football player, but also for making academic all-region--which means he has some of the best grades of all Varsity athletes in our region!!! As Darren and I walked off the field hand in hand, I said to him "I don't like having a senior--that means I am old!" He agreed with me--then I said " But if I have to have a senior, I am glad I have a senior like Alex!" He also agreed! Old or not, it makes me feel like I have spent my life doing something right, when I look at Alex. Way to go Westlake!!--I will miss sitting in those bleachers under the Friday night lights!!

Final Score!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Like Father--Like Daughter

So yesterday, after receiving the news of my grandmothers death--I was still processing exactly how I was feeling, when I realized it was time for my wonderful children to come bounding through the door--home from school, and ready for snacks and help with homework and piano and ready to tell me the stories of their day! I just was not quite ready to be "mom"--so as the kids walked in, I walked out and told them I would be in the backyard raking leaves--they could find a treat, and I would be in soon!! I put my I-pod on to some of my favorite Hillary Weeks music, grabbed a rake, and entered my own little world. The music reminded me of my faith, and being outside in the cool fall air renewed my spirit!! I was delighted to be raking up so many leaves--delighted that my trees are getting big enough to shed leaves!!! I thought of my grandma, my grandpa, my grandma Smith, mom and dad Forsyth, my own earthly father, and my Heavenly Father--I shed tears as I raked, but the more I raked the better I felt and for some reason being outside was so delightful to me I stayed even after the raking was done. I felt the wind blow through my hair and watched the pile of leaves I had raked begin to blow away! I pondered the "give" and "take" in life. Now I was ready to go in and be "mom".
Later that night,while making a yummy dinner for my family, I was talking to my mom. I asked her how dad was doing. She proceeded to tell me that not long after grandma died he told mom he needed to go walk in the woods. Mom asked if he was going to go hunting, and he said no, he did not think he would be able to hunt through his tears. I smiled, as I realized I am more like my dad than I know. He was walking and crying. I was raking and crying--but we both were dealing with our sadness, and somehow being outside made it a little easier. I had to have Zach take a picture, mostly because I was so proud of my pile of leaves, and I want to be able to compare it in the future to what is sure to be mountainous piles of leaves--but now I am especially grateful for the picture because it will forever be a reminder to me of how me and my dad dealt with the sadness of this day.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today my sweet grandma Clark departed this mortal life surrounded by her family. My thoughts and feelings this afternoon have made me smile from recalling the happy memories, and cry from visiting the sweet, tender ones. When I was young we lived right next to my grandparents, and even after we moved to Alaska, my grandparents followed, and lived next to us for a few years, once again! My childhood memories are filled with images of my grandma. As I look at my life now, I can see so vividly her influence. My grandma babysat me for a while when I was young--I remember her listening to country music for hours--is that why I am a Kenny Chesney freak?? My grandma loved to bake. She always had homeade chocolate chip cookies in the freezer!! Is that why I am a chocoholic and love to freeze my homeade chocolate chip cookies?? My grandma loved nature--so much that she would get upset when the grandchildren would shake the cherry blossoms from the cherry tree in the spring!! Is that why I love the trees in my yard so much I get upset when my boys throw footballs at them and break their limbs?? I found myself feeling sorry for myself as I realized I do not have a living grandma anymore--but then the comforting whispers of the Holy Ghost reminded me that yes I do have living grandma's-- they just are not living with me here on earth anymore. I am grateful for my faith, my heritage, for memories, and for being a grand-daughter of Donna May Clark.
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Girls Week Away!!

My sister is living outside of Chicago for the summer, so my mom and I decided to fly out and spend some much needed girls time together!! We spent two days in Chicago, two days in Nauvoo, two days in the car listening to the navigation system telling us where to go, and two days in Michigan City, where Jodi is living. I got to add three states to my list of places I have been, and I got to make life long memories with my mom and sis. We shopped and laughed and cried ( because we were laughing so hard)--we ate and walked and talked. We got matching purses to remember our trip--but I won't be needing any momentoes to remember this trip--I have the memories safely recorded in my journal and the smile on my face whenever I think of mom trying to pronounce the name of a paticular town in Iowa!!! Thanks mom and Jodi--lets do it again soon!!!

The view from our hotel room in Chicago!!!

Me and Noah getting ready for some "Chicago Style' pizza!

Dippin' our toes in Lake Michigan!

Me and Jodi doing some shopping on the "magnificent mile!"

Even Noah had fun at the American Girl Store!

Chicago has palm trees!!!

Me and mom on our river tour of Chicago!

During our travels we found some cool sights!

The view from our room in Nauvoo--pretty sweet!

Me and Mom in the womens garden at the Nauvoo Visitors Center

Sunset over the Mississippi!

Nauvoo Temple
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Jodi, Lou, Mom, Noah and Me at Liberty Jail.

Little Lou's Blessing Day!!

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Alex Turns 17!!

What a blessing to have such a wonderful young man in our life!! I can vividly recall the feeling of overwhelming love that encopassed me as the nurse placed my first born in my arms--my little cutie man!! Where has the time gone? I don't know what scares me more, that he will be graduating in one year, or going on a mission in two years. I still have so much to teach him, and so much to learn from him, so much to share and experience with him--something tells me those feelings will always be there no matter how old he gets! I experienced one of my "proudest mom" moments as I witnessed Alex blessing the sacrament, while Connor passed the sacrament--I looked up just in time to see Alex handing the tray to Connor---such sweet blessings the Lord has given me--I used to think being a mom to girls was easier than being a mom to boys--I was just failing to see the big picture--that someday my sons would be taller than me, and be able to reach things I can't reach, and open things I can't open--they would hold doors open for me, and help me with spiders in the house--they would hold the priesthood worthily, and bless others though their service. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for all my children, and I thank Him for trusting me enough to give me the opportunity to raise as son like Alex.
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Who Knew??? We actually live under the rainbow!!!

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Connor Turns 12!!

His blood runs blue!! (Thank heavens for nice, talented neighbors who know how to decorate cakes!)
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Twins are Ten!!

It just does not seem possible, but it is true--my babies are a decade old!! Being the mother of twins is one of my favorite blessings!! It is the blessing I never knew I wanted, and the one I thought I would never be able to handle! As I looked back on all the old pictures--the memories and the tears started flooding over me--the sleepless nights, the showerless days, the nursing, the diapers-- finally getting them dressed only to realize that, although Zach looked cute in pink, Darren would not appreciate having his son dressed like a girl! The day the twins started Kindergarten Darren had to come home from work to console his hysterical wife--my older children have teased me that I will forever call Mary and Zach the "babies"--I have graduated from the "babies" to the "twins"!! There is a poem about being the mother of twins that I recall often--the last stanza if my favorite--"The answer comes clear, at the end of the day, when I tuck them in bed, and to myself say--there are two to kiss and two to hug, but best of all there are two to love!" Happy Birthday Babies---thanks for the memories!
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A Nagging Mom--Noisy! A Car In The Driveway you can't use--Annoying! A Finished Eagle Project--Priceless!!!

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So the reason for no posts in so long is simple--a camera that has been at the repair shop for way toooooo long!! It is still at the shop, but luckily Alex had his camera for some shots of his Eagle Project! He painted some safety lines for the kindergarten area of the school where I work. He also painted some basketball courts on the playground. He had great support from his friends and our ward members. I think Alex is walking a little taller now that he has that burden lifted!! Now if I can just talk him in to having a court of honor---I think that will be harder than getting him to do his project!!! We are so proud of him and the service he has given!
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