Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It's summer and all
of a sudden it is really hot!
We need ice and we need soda!!


Zachary spent a great deal of time today
rigging up a contraption that would allow us to
get things from the top of the deck
down to the yard--
I must admit I am impressed with
his ingenuity!


9 years ago I was these boys Webelos leader!
Now all three are waiting to enter the MTC-
one is going to California
one is going to Florida
one is going to Texas!
Bubba is going to Texas, and today was
his farewell!
I am so grateful for the opportunity to know
these fine young men--
Oh, how I will miss them!


Mary and I had a wonderful girls night
out--listening to the magical voice of Brooke White!
She is my absolute favorite contestant to ever
be on American Idol!
It was a beautiful evening and
a magical concert!


Not bad for no tripod!!


A trip to Pottery Barn
led me to some pillows that will help me bring
that awesome blue color into my bedroom!
Can you say Perfect??!!


This is what I saw in my
rear view mirror today!
Two cute boys--that have been
best friends since before they
could talk--
will someone please push pause--
time is going tooooo fast!


The smell of Russian Olive Trees are my
very favorite smell in the whole world--
it means summer is here and the nights
are warm--it means I can drive with
the window down and inhale that heavenly scent!


Our very own Miss Saratoga Springs--
Shalee Allen!
We are happy she is Miss Saratoga--
but we are even happier she is such a sweetheart!


Happy Father's Day!
The six people I love the most!
Thanks Darren-for giving
me five wonderful children--
Our family is everything to me--
We are blessed!
(picture to follow)


Nothing says summer like
basketball in the driveway, late at night!


He's 19!
The last birthday we will get to spend with him for
two years!
We sure are going to miss him--
and all his friends!

Friday, June 17, 2011


I know it is hard to appreciate this without a
"before" picture! I spent the day in my office/craft room
and at the end of the day you could actually see my desk !
I organized and threw stuff away--Check off
one thing that I wanted to get done in my
house this summer!


This is what my laundry room look likes after
a day of swimming at 7-peaks!


Finally some time to read a book!
Started this one--
very interesting--not a novel--
bunch of little stories about people who survived
tragic experiences along with practical advice on
how you could survive if you ever find yourself
in a plane crash or something horrific like that!


After two failed attempts to get Mary
her Toms--they finally came--
and even better they actually fit!


Connor is officially 14!
Breakfast was ebleskievers-
Dinner was steak--
Birthday cake was "fudgy ymminess"!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


We picked up Connor from EFY
at 7:00 a.m.! That early hour called for
breakfast for the birthday boy (his birthday is tomorrow)
at Kneaders! Yummy!


It's that time of year again! With all the rain we have had
we could mow the lawn every three days!
Good thing there are so many boys around here to
help out!


We planted a new bush by the front door!
Hopefully it lasts longer than the one that lived
in it's spot before!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Mary's perfect banana boat at
her first Young Womens activity!


I could not pass up this perfect sign for my
laundry room!!


Zach and Tyler had a fun
and exhausting day at 7-peaks!
(picture to come!)


Happy 12th birthday Mary and Zach!
My babies are twelve--
Can I still call them babies?
I am so grateful to have
been doubly blessed with


One of my favorite summer things to do-
an outside movie with the best
neighbors ever!! When I am old and
gray I will think back on days like this
and treasure the memories!


School's out for SUMMER!
(picture to come!)


The 6th grade award ceremony had
Mary receiving the "lovely lady" award, and
Zach receiving the "gentleman" award!
They have had an awesome year-
thanks to an awesome teacher!
Mrs. Tippetts is the best!


It is the last week of elementary school for the
twins--so there is lots of celebrating to be done!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


One last picture of Alex with
his three wonderful cousins--
this might be the last time they see each other for quite
a while. Two of them could leave for their missions while
Alex is still on his!
What a blessing to have such great boys
in our family!


We started memorial day with
our favorite breakfast!
This time we will let Kneaders do the dishes!!


When you are feeding as many as 23 people at a time
the dishwasher gets really full really fast!!
This was the second run of the day!


A big day--nineteen years in the making!
Today Alex went through the temple to prepare
himself to serve his mission!
There are some days so wonderful there
really just are not words to describe--
today was one of those days!
Hopefully, we will always remember how we felt!
Darren and I gave each other a high five outside the temple!!
One down four to go!!!!
All joking aside, Alex's choices are his, and it is because of
his good choices that he was able to
enter the house of the Lord today!


Some days need two pictures and tomorrow is
is one of those days! So here is a teaser for what is happening


We spent the last two days of pre-school
"clowning" around!!


Who knew a long piece of rope
could keep and eleven year old entertained
for hours and hours??


A year later, we are finally planting a tree
to replace the one we lost!
Good thing we have lots of strong, healthy boys
to help!