Saturday, February 21, 2009

What Free Time???

So it has become painfully obvious to me that I have been neglecting one of my favorite past-times--blogging!! So you all do not think I am a total slacker and spend all my free time playing Mario Kart (that is only after all my jobs are done!!) I thought I would fill you in on where my free time had been going these days!!

About a month ago I was called into the new Young Women's presidency in our ward!! This was a total answer to prayer since I had been crying for two weeks over being released as camp director!! Needless to say I have been spending a lot of time figuring out just what it is I am suppposed to do, and then trying to find the time to actually do it! I know Heavenly Father will bless me as I serve the young women of my ward, and I am so excited to get to know them and share my love of the gospel with them. So be patient with me, as I learn to be a better time manager!! Oh, and by the way--for those of you who know Mario Kart at all-- I got first place on rainbow road today!!!